Deputy completes drug enforcement training.

December 27, 2019

Deputy Traeger

Deputy completes drug enforcement training.


MANISTEE — Manistee County Sheriff John O’Hagan has announced that Deputy Jason Traeger recently graduated from Drug Recognition Expert Training (DRE).

The program is 100 percent funded with reimbursement from Office of Highway and Safety Planning (OHSP).

DRE is an advanced training for highly-motivated law enforcement officers who are active in OWI enforcement, said O’Hagan.

“Not everyone who applies for this training is accepted. The steering committee reviews applications and selects qualified applicants. This academically challenging program was developed to enhance the officer’s ability to identify, evaluate, and document suspected drug impairment.

“DRE students learn of the different drug categories, human physiology and the signs and symptoms as they relate to the drug impaired driver. Students also learn to conduct a standardized and systematic 12-step evaluation of a drug impaired driver and determine the category of drugs most likely causing impairment,” O’Hagan said.

DRE has three phases. Phases I and II were two weeks of classroom and hands-on instruction in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Phase III involved 40 hours of field training certification in Phoenix, Arizona where officers are required to perform evaluations on subjects known to be under the influence of drugs or drug/alcohol combinations.

Deputy Traeger currently has 11 years of law enforcement experience with the last two years at the Manistee County Sheriff’s Office. He joins another approximately 160 Drug Recognition Experts in the State of Michigan.