Seiche causes damage to city marina, riverwalk.

April 13, 2018

Sieche causes damage to city marina, riverwalk.MANISTEE — A weather phenomenon known as a seiche, has caused damage to the City Riverwalk and City Marina, closing both facilities until damage can be accessed. The seiche occurred a little after noon on Friday, April 13. It caused water fluctuations in the Manistee River channel.

A seiche is caused by extreme high or low- pressure systems or wind-driven wave run up and results in sudden and extreme water fluctuations. Levels in the Manistee River channel were observed to fluctuate eight feet within ten to fifteen minutes.

In addition, the First Street boat launch, the Ninth Street boat launch, and the Arthur Street boat launch are all closed until they can be assessed.

The US Coast Guard is broadcasting warnings for the harbor and is in the process of closing the harbor to all boat traffic.

At this time, the City of Manistee Police Department, Department of Public Works and Fire Department  are being assisted by the United States Coast Guard, Michigan State Police, Manistee County Sheriff’s Department, the Department of Natural Resources, and the Little River Tribal Police.