SUV recovered from Big Manistee River.

May 5, 2017
Photo used by permission from

Photo used by permission from

SUV recovered from Big Manistee River.

DICKSON TOWNSHIP — An SUV and a 17-foot boat trailer were removed from the Big Manistee River Friday afternoon by crews from TowBoatUs, according to (7&4 News). The crews spent hours at the High Bridge boat launch.  The 2004 Chevrolet Suburban went into the river and was carried about 150 to 200 yards downstream. The boat was removed from the water on Wednesday.

The driver was trying to put his boat in the water when he accidentally left it in reverse, Upnorthlive reported.

According to the man, he and an elderly friend who is in poor health planned to go to the boat launch together to show the boat to a potential buyer to purchase, Upnorthlive reported. The man said that morning he decided to go alone, but if his friend had gone, the friend would have been in the SUV when it plunged into the river. The owner said because of the elderly friend’s poor health, he would not have made it out of the SUV.

He called his split second decision to leave his friend at the cabin “a miracle.”

Upnorthlive reported the boat trailer is in fair condition and can still be used. The SUV is unsalvageable.

The Manistee County Sheriff’s Office and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources initially responded to the scene.