Manistee police officer shoots gun brandishing man.

March 28, 2017
Photo of the suspect's gun, courtesy MPD.

Photo of the suspect’s gun, courtesy MPD.

Manistee police officer shoots gun brandishing man.


MANISTEE — A Manistee man was shot by a Manistee Police Department officer this evening after the man allegedly refused to drop his weapon. According to David Bachman, director of public safety, the officer was in the 400 block of Second Street at 5:17 p.m. to perform ordinance enforcement.

“Typically this officer investigates blight complaints and abandoned vehicles when time permits,” Bachman said. At that time, a 73-year-old resident came out of the house brandishing a long gun.

“He ordered the officer away from the area,” Bachman said. “Additional officers were requested to respond. The suspect refused orders to drop his weapon. Preliminary reports indicate the suspect stopped, chambered a round and was bringing the weapon to bear on the officer. All of this transpired in a very short timeframe before backup arrived.”

Bachman said the officer engaged the man with his handgun and fired multiple rounds.  “The suspect went down and the weapon was secured. This happened at 5:24 pm. The officer was not injured and there is no evidence at this time that the suspect was able to fire his weapon.”

Medical assistance was requested from Manistee Fire Department, Bachman said.

“Paramedics responded from the station and two additional paramedics responded from home.

The suspect was delivered alive to West Shore Hospital Emergency Department where he was stabilized and transferred by chopper to a trauma center.

“As of right now, the case has been handed over to the Michigan State Police for investigation. They are now fully in charge of the scene and the investigating.  No additional details will come from this agency including the suspect’s identity. The State Police will decide when and what to disseminate from this point forward.”